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30.03.2017, 0:41
The Balaur are the “vE” part of “PvPvE”
Aion is said to have. This is a side, much like
the Elyos or Asmodians, but it is not ruled by
players. Instead, this is a NPC team and it
fights against BOTH the Elyos and the
Balaur will be encountered when fighting
in the Abyss. This NPC race will fight against
players in a PvP style (only they are NPC's)
and they will also raid fortresses. Rather than
fighting just against the enemy faction, you
will be fighting against them and the Balaur!
Balaur will also assist the weaker faction,
assuming they are being overrun by the
enemy. For example, if Elyos is dominating
the Asmodians, Balaur will assist the
Asmodians with protecting themselves.