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Some guide on the "new" parts

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31.03.2017, 18:32
I started to play on this server few days ago. I enjoyed some questing on low levels, without any rush, despite the very frequent spike-lags (3-4 seconds of freezing, after which, I sometimes found my character dead. Even after some cutscene... I play from Germany).
Some quests (in particular campaigns) are also broken, so I couldn't complete them, pity. But the reason of my post is the following:

I noticed that some content has been modified, from the official 4.7 (for example Nochsana has mob lv65, not 25, and it's soloable).
I'm lv65 now, and yesterday I wanted to start to farm some Blood Mark, but I noticed that there are no camps in Katalam: they have been removed. Also, the NPCs in the camps in Akaron, don't give any quest... How am I supposed to farm BM? (I asked in game, but no one replied, so I'm asking here).

Could you please write a post, with the changes you did from the official 4.7 version, to help new players and give them some hint, like:

- Nochsana Training Camp is not lv25, but 65. It can be soloed for AP and platinum medals. Only once per day.
- Udas is not lv51, but 65. It can be soloed for...
- Fire Temple can also be soloed for...
- Kromede can be ran only once per day, not 5.
- Steel Rose is a good source of manastones.

(North) Katalam has no camps: the quests have been moved to...
Akaron/Levinshor: the NPCs don't give any quests. To farm the BM you can go...

... and so on.
This would help new players for example to know that they can farm some AP to buy their Greater Stigmas in NTC (I didn't know it), and to don't miss any change/improvement you  did.

EDIT: I moved the post from Media... wrong section
Well, what should I say... after few hours you already put an event for BM :D
Thanks also for the PM, I'll try to use Teamspeak when I have some question to ask.